This joint program with Geneva Graduate Institute in Geneva is to equip senior leaders of organizations with international exposure with:

  1. an updated knowledge after major recent geopolitical developments (e.g., the invasion of Ukraine)

  2. frameworks to make sense of these in terms of impact on business

  3. decision-making processes to mitigate negative and leverage potential positive outcomes


At the end of this seminar, participants will have :  

  • Updated their knowledge and understanding of global geopolitics 
  • Acquired methods for applying this understanding in their own business context 
  • Shared and challenged their geopolitical and strategic vision with world-class experts  
  • Experienced and trained in high-stake, high-pressure, geopolitically loaded strategic decision making 


The program offers several features that will make for a rich learning experience

  • The unique combination of expertise in geopolitics from Graduate Institute Geneva and business strategy from emlyon business school 
  • A curriculum specifically built by co-animators from both institutions 
  • Additional interventions by experts on specific domains 
  • A pedagogy based on real-life situations, forward-thinking, fast analysis, mutual sharing, and peer learning 
  • Networking opportunities among high-level professionals from France, Switzerland, and beyond 


This course is designed for:  

  • Senior executives, midsize to large, international organizations  
  • Directors, board members 
  • C-suite-level professionals and consultants 


The program is especially relevant for participants who need to: 

  • Build an understanding of current evolutions in geopolitics, from both a short- and a long-term perspective  
  • Develop a framework for strategic reflection and decision making 
  • Help boards, senior management, and stakeholders embrace strategic changes brought about by evolutions in geopolitics 


 Firms are facing an unprecedented level of instability in the geopoliticalenvironment. From Eastern Europe to Asia and even in America, profound shifts challenge many strategic assumptions. Those shifts affect decisions regarding investments, markets, and supplychains.

How to make business sense of those shifts?

This programme offers the unique combination of expertise in Geopolitics from Graduate Institute Geneva and Business strategy from emlyon business school to help high-level professionals hone their skills in the face of rapidly changing environment.

Participants will acquire analyticaltools to enhance their understanding of current and future geopoliticaldevelopments in light of businessimperatives. They will develop their own analysis in their own context for making crucialdecisions; learn about and train in decision-making in high-stakes, geopolitically-loaded situations. Most importantly, they will be able to learn from peers in a safe, confidential setting, and thus identify best practices. 


* Graduate Institute Geneva is the leading institution for research and highereducation on international relations and world affairs. emlyon business school, consistently ranked in France’s top 5 management schools, has a tradition of 150 years in educating successful business managers and leaders.



  •     Global Geopolitics
  •     Mapping Business Strategy
  •     The Dynamics of Geopolitics: Forces, Actors and Contests


  •     Situating Business Strategy Globally
  •     The Geopolitics of Energy
  •     Opportunities and Threats


  •     Developing Geopolitics Business Models
  •     Global Strategic Trends and Business
  •     The War Room