In a genuine maker’s mode, participants will discover relevant theories and concepts for exploring disrupted, alternative futures. The Disrupted Futures certificate will further provide them with a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and their skills to help a live client organization prepare for and build its future. 

  • Be able to identify key relevant societal, ecological, and technological disruptions and apply newly developed insights to strategic decision-making. 


  •  Live case study to immediately test and apply newly acquired knowledge and know-how 
  • Discovery of scenario planning as a critical add-on to strategy


Innovation managers, marketing directors, experienced product managers, strategic development managers, project or cross-functional program managers, digital strategy managers, consultants, any person in charge of an innovation project. 


  • Mesocompetence 1 : Appraise the effects of the global economic environment and economic policy decision-making on countries, industries, and businesses  
  • Mesocompetence 2 : Assess the future disrupted environment of an organization and challenge strategic decisions or generate new strategic options  


  • Evaluate an organization's strategic needs and translate them into a disrudpted futures scenario planning intervention proposal 
  • Analyze the environment of an organization and recognize ongoing and emerging disruptions (including macroeconomical ones)
  • Create disrupted future scenarios that are relevant, given the organization's strategic needs, and plausible 
  • Design and drive a strategic conversation with an organization's representatives in order to address its strategic needs 


Figures for 2023-2024 :

  • Net promoter score: 55
  • Participant satisfaction (course): 4.7/5
  • Success rate: 96% (February 2024 jury)

Last updated on 03/30/2024