emlyon business school forever alumni network


From your arrival in the program, you integrate the emlyon business school forever alumni network, which gathers students from both initial and continuing education and emlyon business school graduates. 

As a « life member » you will access numerous benefits such as: 

  • The access to the 30 000 graduates’ directory (1200 new graduates per year) spread over 120 countries.
  • Some preferential rates to participate in more than 300 network and career events per year, intended to create opportunities and relations, by joining networking, business and conviviality
  • Almost 150 communities allocated over by profession, passion, area of interest…

Once graduated, you can benefit from: 

  • A career support, all along your professional path
  • A free access to 3 databases : XERFI, GOING GLOBAL  and EASY BUSINESS by KOMPASS
  • An offered short program and a 30% discount on all the tracks and certificates  

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Discover emlyon business school forever alumni network platform 

emlyon business school forever alumni network benefits from its own platform that will allow you to fully enjoy the network. Online member directory, timetable, clubs and groups, registration to events all over the world, news, etc.