• To understand the factors and variables of businesses' strategic choices
  • To have expert command of a methodology and the analytical tools for conducting strategic diagnostics and formulating a development strategy
  • To understand the main strategic alternatives and their main implementation levers



  • To take over (adapt) an operational methodology for strategic analysis, formulation and choice of axes and development methods depending on the industry and the company
  • To facilitate a collective reflection and the emergence of a shared vision of the possible and desirable future of the company
  • To compare practices with peers through review grids of the environment and strategic movements


Directors of companies, subsidiaries, profit centres and management committee members involved in discussions and actions on a company's future.


Strategic diagnosis
  • Objectives and principles of strategic approach
  • Strategic segmentation
  • Analysis of competitive systems
  • Resources diagnostics
  • Activity portfolio analysis
Strategy formulation
  • Overall strategy and by activities
  • Target value chain(s)


Strategy and Development
  • Internationalisation strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Development of new markets
  • Diversification strategy
The strategy's implementation levers