• To increase your analysis capacity and understanding of differences and their influence on attitudes, behaviours and management practices.
  • To acquire methodological and conceptual tools for analysing work situations with different partners (multicultural and diversified).
  • To be trained to use these tools and develop new reflexes through exercises, role plays and case studies


  • Work on participants' experiences in their businesses
  • An approach of all cultures that coexist within and around a company: corporate culture, business culture, brand culture, national culture, etc.


Managers, activities directors.



To obtain an analysis grid of situations and of outlooks of multicultural phenomena


  • Understanding differences and measuring their influence on attitudes, behaviours and management practices?
  • Using stereotypes instead of dealing with their adverse effects on work relations in multicultural contexts?


To develop the ability to adapt and develop synergies between members of multicultural teams
  • Taking into account partners' specifics and cultural clashes and management models?
  • Anticipating reactions and possibilities of a synergy between members of a multicultural team?
  • Key multicultural aspects to be included in reasoning
  • What management processes to implement


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