• To understand BtoB marketing as a valuable co-creation activity by the company and its customer
  • To measure the importance of the client representation  through actors influencing the purchase decision
  • To understand the interest of the risk-concept in organisations' buying behaviour
  • To measure the wealth of the segmentation concept for BtoB businesses


  • Methodologies fully adapted to an inter-organisational context
  • The benefit of research conducted as part of the international research group "Industrial Marketing & Purchasing", of which emlyon business school is a co-founder


Sales representatives, contract engineers, project managers but also those involved in the marketing function in the inter-organisational environment.


Representing a client organisation through its purchase centre
  • Identification of actors who play a role in the purchasing decision process
  • Purchase centre analysis


Understanding the purchasing behaviour of a BtoB customer
  • Analysis Methodology of an organisation client's puchasing behaviour
  • Identification of risks perceived by actors in a puchase center when dealing with suppliers
To segment and draw consequences for the BtoB offer
  • Segmentation as "contract construction"
  • Understanding the market and implement actions based on the chosen segmentation 
  • Evolution towards service offers, introduction to the concept of "system" offer 
To manage a portfolio of lcients in BtoB
  • Prioritisation of customers
  • Proposal of a Client Portfolio Management (CPM) method 
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