New and frequently disruptive technologies and novel user behaviour lead to the emergence of new economic structures and new business models. Together these transformations challenge and change the creation, capture, and redistribution of value. 

This course addresses the need for executives to explore and exploit these changes to create value in existing companies/business units. 

  • Conduct a strategic reflection taking into account emerging business models and practices 
  • Diagnose the potential added value of disruptive technologies in their company/business unit 
  • Enlarge the scope of their analysis, enabling them to bring new creative solutions





  • Apprehend the global vision as well as the consequences of the current digital revolution and its  impacts on business models and strategies of companies 
  • Decipher new business models and be able to develop a differentiating and value-creating strategy for your company
  • Decipher platform models and business ecosystems
  • Understand the specificities of breakthrough innovation and be able to deploy breakthrough innovation strategies within a business context
  • Adopt a systemic approach to define your digital roadmap and to successfully transform your business
  •  Work on a real organisation case


Figures for 2023-2024 :

  • Net promoter score: 55
  • Participant satisfaction (course): 4.7/5
  • Success rate: 96% (February 2024 jury)

Last updated on 03/30/2024