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Many different schemes provide funding for training programs. In order to assist you with your funding arrangements, we have prepared the following information on the schemes that you can use depending on your profile and on your professional situation.

  • For instance :
    • Company support,
    • Total or partial OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé), AGEFICE, FIF-PL support
    • Individual Training Account (CPF),
    • Individual Training Leave (CIF),
    • Individual funding.

A distribution of these different devices is quite possible est tout à fait possible and can be divided overall 2 financial years. 



Participant initiated schemes                         

Salaried participants 

  • Individual Training Leave (CIF)
    • Le CIF-CDI (Individual Training Leave for Permanent Contract Employees)
    • Le CIF-CDD (Individual Training Leave for Fixed-Term Employees)
  • Training Outside Working Hours (FHTT)
  • Individual Training Account (CPF)  


Non-salaried participants registered as job seekers

  • Individual Training Account (CPF)

For further information download the training mini-guide


Employer initiated schemes                                       


  • Training plan 
  • Upskilling "professionalization" period
  • Individual Training Account (CPF)
  • The professionnalization contract

For further information download the training mini-guide



Other devices supported by OCPA                                                                 


The OCPA fund also supports other schemes with regional, national, or European co-funding.
For more information, please contact your OCPA directly through your HR or training department. 




Good to know                                                                                                          

Tax exemptions

  • Do not forget to explore the tax exemptions that allow you deducting the income tax and/or current expenses. Actual costs deduction on the year of training costs payment as « other deductible expenses »
    • professional training session costs when you support them during your activity or as a job seeker regularly registered with the competent department
    • expenses supported for degree acquisition or a qualification allowing improving your professional situation or the access to another occupation »


Banking partnerships 

  • EML Executive Development offers you several banking partnerships at preferential rates.
    Contact us for more information.