Eric Couturier

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    Executive Master Management Général

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Eric Couturier, technical director Finber



  • Tell us a little bit about your background
    My education focused on engineering (Bachelor's degree +5, scientist specilisation). For several years, I have been working within the industrial sector. At first, I was assigned to the operational, then 7 or 8 years ago I had the opportunity to discover the purchasing department. I am pleased to have been in charge of the Production/Maintenance/Purchasing department for the last 5 years.  
  • Why choose the PGM programme?Competition in the working world is tough. The emergence of a generation of young graduates assigned to prestigious positions led me to add another degree to my CV. My wish was then to obtain significant knowledge in Finance and in Marketing, with the aim of developing my career plans. This is when I joined the EMLYON PGM programme in February 2009.  
  • What were the benefits you gained from the programme?
    As outlined above, my main expectations were in Finance and in Marketing, but also in Personal Development. However, the richness of this programme allowed me to learn even more. Although I had been a manager for 15 years, my "meeting" with Human Resources opened my mind and showed me the importance of the human network. I think that the benefits derived from this programme are due to the quality of the instructors and their personal involvement.   
  • What were the highlights and your best memories? 
    The first one that pops into my mind is the "Team Building" period. During the various workshops, our discussions were really fruitful and enriching, it was as if we had known each other for more than 10 years! I truly believe that these role-playing exercises are beneficial and allow us to develop our own values and to learn about our relationship with others.
  • What advice do you have for future participants? 
    The advice I would give is to completely disconnect from day-to-day life. Participants should be 100% involved in the experience, be completely immersed so as not to miss anything. PGM is unique in that it is a customisable programme, in my opinion, completing it quickly means you are certain to take advantage of the intensity and benefits.