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Vincent Delozière: “You went to a great school: make the most of that, let loose, do what makes you happy.”


In September 2015, Vincent Delozière (MBA Business 2002) became the head of Refresco Gerber, leading European bottler listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. It’s quite the success story for this French northerner, who has climbed the career ladder all the way to the top. Today he splits his time between Rotterdam and the Drome region of France.



  • How did you come to sit an MBA at EMLYON?

It was Jean-Luc Bongrain who offered me this opportunity. He thought that if my career was to evolve, I should take my studies further. The investment funds I work with are reassured by it. Also, the engineering school I attended in Lille wasn’t the most highly-reputed.  I have retained a frank and honest manner –which can be seen as charming - while still speaking the same language as my colleagues and clients.

  • What was the best advice you got while at EMLYON?

I filled in a lot of gaps; knowledge I was lacking in finance and strategy. But one time a professor did say to me: “You have the stuff of a MD, go for it!”  He was right, Even if I never could have imagined that one day I’d be at the helm of such a group!

  • What do remember most about your time at the school?

It was a very moving time for me. I started classes in the September and two months later, my first little girl was born. I also remember working so hard. In my class, we were all part time students. To reconcile private life and professional life we had to be smart. We shared the workload: if one started a Powerpoint presentation, the other would finish it. It’s such an intense training program; it’s like being in a tunnel and there is little time for anyone else. But I would advise everyone to study there, starting with my daughter who is passionate about marketing.

  • What advice would you give students?

You went to an amazing great school: make the most of that, let loose, do what makes you happy. Also, I often observe a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to entrepreneurship. Young people are afraid to set up on their own, even though after EMLYON, you have all the tools you need to make a successful business.

  • How do you relax?

During the week, I read a lot of economic reviews and at the weekend I like to read comics to relax. I also love to read spy novels.

  • Is there an entrepreneur or company director that inspires you?

I have read a lot of works by Jack Welsh, former president of General Electric. I think he is a great entrepreneur. He replaced the man at the heart of the company by both directing and participating in the company. In France, Emmanuel Besnier of Lactalis has had a very interesting career. I also think that Michel-Edouard Leclerc is a brave leader. All of these men have something in common: The spirit of an entrepreneur

  • What are your projects for the future?

I was recently appointed head of Refresco, so that’s going to keep me occupied for some time. But in the short term, I would say: a nice long weekend of hunting. And while I am thinking about slowing down a little bit in ten years’ time, if someone asked me to take their company to the top, I wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge!