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SÉGOLÈNE MOYRAND: take over the family business 


Ségolène Moyrand


  • Representative of the Fifth generation of the family business Gattefossé, specialised in excipients provision for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, where she is in charge of communication, Ségolène Moyrand will complete EMLYON Executive MBA in December. A training undertaken so as to acquire an open-mindedness and complementary competencies – she already is graduated from ESCE – in order to join the company Executive Board, that her father currently leads, and therefore contribute to its exchanges and discussions with a maximum of assets.  
  • «Before accessing the Executive Board, it was essential to master a few keys, to possess a toolbox sufficiently furnished to understand a family business strategy”, she states. From that point of view, the training has reached her goals, allowing her to refine her knowledge in microeconomics, geopolitics, or in the management of the business multicultural dimension.   
  • «During strategy course, I even work on a concrete case study of Gattefossé. It was a very enriching but difficult exercise, as I had to confront all I thought I knew about the company to the other participants’ look without compromising the company strategy. This type of exercise allowed to generate discussions, exchanges that would not necessarily occurred without this”, notes young woman. Other asset: the personal development courses have confronted her with her wish to invest in the family business to finally occupy a position within its governance.
  • ”I also asked myself many questions, including about the interest for me, who works since six years in a company, to gain experience elsewhere. But the coaching realised by a high-quality professional allowed me to take a step back, to put my project into perspective and to reinforce my wish to make this company grow while consolidating its independence, which is important to us, and also to our customers”, says Ségolène Moyrand. The next step is to take part in the next Executive Board of Gattefossé from December.