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Claire Cavallucci – Human Resources Director Abeo Group




“I was lucky enough to complete a “Fast Track” Executive MBA (in 10 months). I say “lucky” because I think that a “professional sabbatical” in a career is a real luxury and I would recommend it to everyone who gets the chance. The participants’ expectations vary, depending on their profile and background. As far as I am concerned, this training programme met all of my expectations. 

I felt the need to develop my skills outside of my HR “expertise”, and better understand the strategy of a group to, consequently, be fully involved as a HRD. I found a position that matched my search criteria shortly after finishing the MBA. This training programme certainly played a major role in my recruitment and today I am experiencing the benefits of this year, mainly in terms of my business understanding and in my ability to challenge and make proposals for strategic decisions within the group.”

Claire Cavallucci – Human Resources Director Abeo Group