• Discover why Corporate Entrepreneurship is increasingly popular, what are its potential benefits and the most common issues it raises
  • Explore the various stages of the Corporate Entrepreneurship process and their respective challenges
  • Understand the financial metrics that are most important in the internal evaluation of a potential project or new business unit
  • Plan and implement a Corporate Entrepreneurship strategy from idea to market
  • Design Corporate Entrepreneurship programs that are adapted to specific strategic and organizational contexts
  • Develop interpersonal skills for inspiring and engaging team members and stakeholders
  • Learn through experience via the implementation of a real intrapreneurial challenge


  • Strategic, financial and interpersonal skills to create and maintain a corporate entrepreneur approach in the organisation.
  • You will join a group of Participants of Executive MBA and benefit from the others experiences and diversified backgrounds and industries.
  • Build a strong network of peers within whom you can exchange ideas and build a support network.


This certificate is designed for those who wish to acquire entrepreneurial skills and carry out innovation projects within an existing company.

Managers in charge of innovation projects or willing to be, Managers in charge of promoting corporate innovation and /or transformation, Consultants.



What is Corporate entrepreneurship ? 

  • The various meanings and forms of corporate entrepreneurship
  • The difference between spontaneous vs. induced corporate entrepreneurship 
  • The rationale and motivation behind corporate entrepreneurship
  • Explore the various stages


  1. Tools for the corporate entrepreneur (3 Days)

  2. Enabling corporate entrepreneurship (2 Days)

  3. Exploring pro-innovation structures and spaces (2 Days)



  • Inspire people and get them “on board”
  • Promote change
  • Reach results in a sustainable way
  • Engage teams while respecting value
  • Recognize different change situations and how to conduct yourself as a leader
  • Transform issues into opportunities



  • In order to apply all the learnings outcomes acquired during the certificate, you will chose an innovation project. For example: launch of new products or services, change of business model... 
  • You benefit from individualized support on agile methods, leadership development and stakeholder management throughout the certificate.  


  • Investigate how large established companies manage to maintain an entrepreneurial orientation.
  • Take a deep dive into their management practices and the way in which they are organized and examine how the local business environment supports continuing innovation.
  • Explore how they use structures, tools, and processes to inspire and support corporate entrepreneurs.
  • Participant global satisfaction: 3.5/4 (2020 session)
  • Success rate: 100% (February 2022 jury)
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