Casablanca Campus 

Photo Casa 5 (Copier)


Beyond the lessons, life on campuses and your environment will be decisive for your fulfilment. 

As part of a perennial localisation in Morocco, enjoy some new installations and our cutting-edge equipments in the prestigious environment of the Marina, in the centre of the economic neighbourhood of Casablanca. 

Our emlyon business school team offers you a path to excellence and a genuine springboard to an opening overseas through its diverse campuses.  

Ideally located in a strategic position of the city, in the prestigious Marina, Casablanca Campus is a new infrastructure composed of rooms equipped with the latest technologies.  

Our establishment includes large modern spaces to welcome you under exceptional conditions through our associative organisations, but also some auditoriums and a Learning Hub. 

The campus has all the assets so that you feel as good in your classes than outside. 



Some innovating rooms to reinvent tomorrow's pedagogy.

The campus has numerous innovating tools to learn, exchange and create : innovation rooms, numerical vectors, Apple TV/tablets, creativity tables...

Inspired by the innovating pedagogy, these spaces prefigure tomorrow's pedagogy, as school is no longer only where to learn, but also where to learn how to learn, to deconstruct and reconstruct.