emlyon business school – a brand transformation

19 FEBRUARY 2016


New logo

The history of emlyon business school is today being built in a global and digital world. We are operating in a knowledge-based economy where most knowledge is open and freely accessible. An economy of innovation where transformations and disruptions are constantly remodelling factors that influence competitiveness and growth. An economy of relationships where intense collaboration and network connections are the new keys to the creation of shared value. An economy of immediacy, where speed, reactivity and adaptability confer unprecedented competitive advantages.

To face these challenges, emlyon business school is transforming itself in order to strengthen its performance and competitiveness. Our New Territories 2020 Strategic Plan has set the course and identified the means to achieve our ambition. Our new brand will henceforth reflect this.

Our previous logo was 10 years old and needed to evolve into something more impactful and more modern. We chose to keep the square shape and red colour, in order to maintain a continuity, rather than choosing a complete break with the past. Our brand has a strong identity in the marketplace and is considered as a kind of legacy by many of our alumni. We wanted to perpetuate this heritage.

As for our by-line, it is now based around the “early maker” concept. The maker movement was born 10 years ago around the Do-It-Yourself principle. Initially a concept that applied to DIY enthusiasts, it gradually spread to the world of digital and start-ups, uniting a whole community of creators, artisans, entrepreneurs, artists and educators in its wake. It signalled a transformation from invention to innovation, from prototyping to the industrialisation of a good idea.

Today, being a maker means controlling your destiny, being the actor and entrepreneur of your existence, and moving from Do-It-Yourself to Do-It-Together in a spirit of collaboration. This concept reflects our vision of the entrepreneur: an individual who tries, experiments, makes mistakes, starts again and learns as they go. An entrepreneur must now combine this dimension of doing and doing quickly with the ability to anticipate, mix and nurture ideas, see things before others, and do things quicker than others. The entrepreneur from EMLYON Business School is a maker and an early mover. He is an early maker.