emlyon & Grenoble École de Management's Strategic Alliance

31 MARCH 2016

alliance emlyon GEM


Centered on Innovation - Entrepreneurship - Growth - New Business, the Alliance combines the academic excellence of both schools; their high-level of internationalization, GEM’s expertise in « Management of Technology – Innovation » and the « Entrepreneurship – New Business » expertise of emlyon business school.



This Alliance aims to:

Generate further academic value:

  • By boosting growth, quality and academic innovations;
  • By establishing a world-class faculty;
  • Generate further societal value :
  • By reinforcing the impact of both Business Schools on the business development of the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Region (2nd region in France and 7th in Europe in term of economic activity);
  • By establishing within the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Region a global innovative center in entrepreneurship, employment and activities, particularly linked to new business models.

- Generate further economic value by building an efficient and sustainable economic model.

The first steps of this Alliance will be to join forces:

=> From September 2016

  • Pooling of faculty expertise;
  • Development of a common strategy and organization of research;
  • Pooling of R&D in innovation and pedagogy engineering ;
  • Gathering PhD programs;
  • Gathering DBA programs;
  • Optimization of the relationship with companies;
  • Joint international development of two major events for both schools – the Geopolitics Festival and the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum;
  • Creation of an innovation-entrepreneurship foundation.

The second steps of this Alliance will be about the expansion and optimization of invested resources:

=> From September 2017

  • Coordinated recruitment of faculty members;
  • Harmonization and optimization of programs’ portfolios;
  • Improvement of career support;
  • Joint international development.


  • Tuesday 29th March 2016: Press announcement of the new Alliance
  • September 2016: First step of actions to be put in place and presentation of the strategic platform