You are already a graduate of emlyon, should you return for an Executive MBA?

21 MARCH 2019


After completing a Specialized Master in Marketing and Management of Services at emlyon business school in 2007, Rémy Pernot enjoyed a 25 year career in marketing in the service industry, notably software. Starting off as a Project Manager, thanks to his talent, attention to detail and importance placed on customer satisfaction, he climbed his way up the corporate ladder of a number of international companies, attaining positions such as Director of Business Units. He decided that he wanted to go even higher and become General Manager but is missing certain skills to get there. The solution? An Executive MBA. The problem? Should he return to the school that prepared him initially for his successful career or choose a new institution?

Rémy decided to embark upon an Executive MBA because he wanted to take a step back from his professional experience, go back to the theory of business concepts, meet and work with other successful individuals to align himself and his methods to the current global industry trends.

After researching a number of different programs he decided to return to emlyon business school and integrated into the Executive MBA in 2018. “At emlyon we are confronted with and work with colleagues who come from a variety of industries and who have different viewpoints. We are better able to understand how the world works. We are also made to reflect on the meaning we give to work and why we do what we do.” says Rémy.

It was also the new Makers Bridge specializations which enticed him to join the program. The Executive MBA at emlyon business school is the only program in France allowing you to directly accelerate into your chosen career goal: Corporate Executive, SME Manager, Corporate Entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurship. “There is great proximity with the professors and speakers, we are all a team. We can exchange on various ideas and grow together, making it a truly a rich experience. The courses are developed with a practical philosophy in mind, we can use the theory and directly apply it in our professional setting.”


When asked the question if his experience in the two programs varied, he mentioned “The two programs complement each other. Other than the obvious evolution and digitalization of pedagogical methods, the Master program was specialized where I became an expert in a certain field, while the Executive MBA gives you a global vision of a company. In the MBA we are required to prepare the lesson beforehand with different readings and then we use the class time to discuss the concepts, allowing us to delve deeper into the subjects drawing from our experiences.

My expectations and goals behind joining the Executive MBA have not only been reached but surpassed. The Leadership and Development track was a nice surprise. emlyon business school makes us reflect on the meaning that we give to our careers. Who are we as people, what are our values and what do we really want to do? We have to question ourselves and our belief system. This was something that I wasn’t initially expecting from the program”.

emlyon business school is seeing more and more graduates returning to complete their Executive Education. Thanks to the rising success of programs such as the Executive MBA (ranked 5th worldwide for career progression by the Financial Times in 2018) and dedicated alumni scholarships supported by the Forever Alumni association, emlyon business school alumni are able to continue their ‘early maker’ education and successfully achieve their professional goals.