Thomas Boisson - Class of 2013: Where Are They Now?

23 OCTOBER 2017


Véronique Bouscayrol -Executive MBA 2011 - 2013 




1. Why did you decide to join the Executive MBA programme at emlyon business school? What were you searching to achieve?

I wanted to contribute to the the global strategy of my employer Boiron and to the strategic vision of the Board of Directors to develop the company internationally. I joined the Executive MBA to gain credibility and relevance with transversal projects, to be confronted with different ways of thinking, to learn more about diverse companies, to have different experiences and to develop reflexes and a broader understanding of the company. Finally I wanted to develop my leadership and management skills.  All these points would help me gain the strategic vision that I wanted to achieve.



2. Did the programme meet your expectations or did you experience things that surprised you?

The programme surpassed my expectations, particularly in gaining a bird’s eye view of how a company operates as a whole. I also gained confidence and assertiveness. Finally, I strongly appreciated the quality of the relationships that I developed with the other participants in the context of the personal development modules.


3. How did the programme help you with your understanding of management in a large company?

The programme allowed me to better understand the functioning of a large company by ‘putting us in the shoes of’ different departments and understanding the challenges and constraints that different parties are faced with. These activities helped me gain confidence to feel credible and relevant when asking strategic questions and working across different sectors in the company.


4. How did the programme affect your professional activities and how did your career change after?

During the program I was entrusted with the job of Director of Finance for the group and recently I taken on the role of Director of Administration and Finance of Group Boiron. The Executive MBA was an essential step in obtaining these positions and helping me take charge of important responsibilities in an international group.


5. Are you still in contact with your cohort today?

I am still in contact with a number of my classmates. We often meet with a sincere happiness to share memories that we created together.


6. What is some advice that you would like to give to future participants?

Don’t be afraid, enjoy yourself and you deserve this!


7. Are there any other thoughts that you would like to share?

Not enough woman make the leap. Ladies, don’t hesitate! Your partners will be proud and happy to support you, your children will be motivated by their mother who also has to do homework and your colleagues will organise themselves around you and you, you will take advantage of the personal and professional benefits that will quickly help you forget the moments of fatigue or when you felt discouraged.