Sponsorship Agreement with Credit Agricole Centre Est

22 JULY 2015


Raphaël Appert, CEO of Crédit agricole Centre-est and Bernard Belletante, CEO of EMLYON Business School sign this Wednesday, 22nd of July 2015 a sponsorship aiming at bringing closer the two institutions.

This agreement takes places in the context of the transformation of EMLYON, of which the strategic plan is to be among the three to four French business schools that are renowned at a global level.  

The support to the creation and development of the Crédit Agricole Creativity and Learning Hub, new creativity and learning space based in Ecully campus is one of the main lines of the partnership. Launched during the intake, the Crédit Agricole Creatity and Learning Hub, equipped with a modern infrastructure, wants to be an inventive learning and connectivity space. Its objective is to foster the acquisition of competencies, the data and experiences processing and sharing, the development of incubation programmes or the organisation of the conferences cycles.   

The sponsorship agreement signed between the two institution also has the purpose of: 

  • The integration of Crédit Agricole and its support to the EMLYON Global Business Network, network of French and international companies partner of the school, 
  • The support to the development of the innovation, particularly through crossed actions between the incubators of the two institutions,  
  • The development of a proximity with EMLYON students.  

The mission of Crédit agricole Centre-est, which is a regional cooperative bank, is to be a major actor in the service of the economic, social and environmental performance.  

Its ambition is to accompany and develop the vitality of its territory by supporting public innovating and local interest programmes that are humanitarian and/or cultural, sporty or economic.  


About Crédit agricole Centre-est

Regional cooperative and mutualist bank, 1st regional bank regarding the number of its members, Crédit agricole Centre-est is present on 6 departments : Rhône, Ain, Saône and Loire and Nord of Isère, Drôme and Ardèche.

Leader of the Universal Bank of Proximity, it accompanies its 1 200 000 customers thanks to more than 3100 collaborators spread over 3 sites in Bourg en Bresse, Mâcon and Champagne au Mont d’Or and 298 proximity agencies. A part of this network is specifically dedicated to the customers that are companies, with 11 business centers and the Private Bank with 5 Cultural Heritage Centers.   

1st regional bank in Rhône-Alpes, with a total balance sheet of 25,3 Md€,  Crédit agricole Centre-est is a major playor of the economic development of its territories with Md€ of flows of savings (+2.8% 2014 vs 2013) and 18,4 Md€ of flows of credit (+1,7% 2014 vs 2013). 1er regional financier, it accompanied more than 64 500 in 2014 with more than 3 Md€ of credit directly injected into the regional economy. 

It is supposed to last, as it has a reliable and solid profitability with a net profit superior than 200 M€ since 7 years and also with its utility and responsibility on its territories with regard to humanitarian,cultural and sporty fields. 

www.ca-centrest.fr @ca-centrest