Renault Truck's Employee Experience at emlyon

18 APRIL 2019

As part of the last module of the "Marketing Curriculum" for Renault Trucks' marketing teams, around twenty employees experienced emlyon's maker's lab experience.


In total immersion for 3 days, they followed a maker's booster, a real project accelerator for companies. The objective is to get teams to collaborate on concrete projects to move from idea to prototyping. This method makes it possible to really test their feasibility internally and with customers, and then to be able to transpose them within their company.

After pitching each project, three key moments guided the participants' experience:

  • Day 1: A creativity and design phase to define a POC (Proof Of Concept) and a creative brief in line with the initial objectives using recognized design strategies.
    Day 2: A prototyping phase to prototype solutions with the support of experts specifically selected according to the projects: UX designers, fullstack web developers, data scientists, etc.
    Day 3: A user test phase to compare the intended use with the real one and allow iteration once back in the company.



The first results are conclusive:

  • Prototyping and testing of a tool dedicated to Renault Trucks' marketing departments that allows segmentation to be generated from customer data. #datascience #machinelearning
  • Prototyping and testing of a mobile application to support drivers on a daily basis by enabling them to help each other and by enhancing their knowledge of the truck. #socialnetwork #peerlearning
  • Prototyping and testing of an application for salespeople facilitating truck owner coaching on its uses and associated services. #datascience #mobileapp




This maker's booster experience is part of a tailor-made training program designed for Renault trucks. In these programmes, we develop innovative pedagogical solutions to ensure a sustainable impact on individuals and companies, and put action learning at the heart of our educational process.