Professor Michel Phan Sets Off to Conquer the Global DBA

02 APRIL 2021


For almost 10 years, Professor Michel PHAN ran and developed the MSc in Luxury Management and Marketing. The program was such a success that Michel Phan was appointed head of the “Global Doctorate of Business Administration”.

The Global Doctorate of Business Administration is a 4-year doctoral program. This double degree is taught in collaboration with the Durham University Business School. Michel Phan will be supported by Tyrone PITSIS, Director of the program at Durham, to develop the doctorate. The first two years are dedicated to coursework. Participants will further enhance their knowledge in several domains (Leadership & Followership, Innovation & TechnologyManagement, etc.). Half of the program is taught by the Professors of the Durham University, and the other half will be taught by the Professors of emlyon business school. Year 3 and 4 are exclusively dedicated to theses writing.

Launched in 2019, the program is rapidly growing. “The first year, we only had 11 participants. In 2020, we had 20” explained Michel Phan. Most of the candidates have jobs with high responsibilities in their companies (Supervisors,Senior Executives, CEOs, CFOs…) but they strive for more knowledge and competences.

An International Program

Taking over thisGlobal DBA is a captivating and motivating challenge. I am proud to take up the great challenge promoting and developing this prestigious program” says Michel Phan.  Based on his expertise in luxury marketing, Michel Phan is counting on his experience to continue developing the international aspect of the GDBA. This doctorate, split between Paris (France) and Durham (United-Kingdom), attracts participants from various nationalities. With such variety of backgrounds, cultural, professional and intellectual interactions are particularly rich for all participants.

According to Michel Phan, the Global Doctorate of Business Administration is both innovative and special. Participants are driven and motivated by their passion. When integrating this program, participants already know what issue they want to address in their theses. That is why they enter the GDBA with a thirst for knowledge.  The former director of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing wants to develop the program while preserving its soul and strengths. He wants to restrict the number of participants to ensure quality individual support.

Right from the start, each participant is closely followed by a professor. This method allows the participant to produce a theses of higher quality. Transverse teaching between the Durham University and emlyon business school, and the various methods both schools use, allow to broaden the field of competences. 

A gratified and gratifying degree

I want to promote the richness of the program” adds Michel Phan.“Some participants work at the World Health Organization, in public organizations, embassies etc. Such professional profiles in our alumninetwork show the quality of our teachings.” 

The GDBA provides quite a few advantages for participants:

  • This program allows participants to obtain a doctorate degree (Doctorate in Business Administration)
  • Participants can address and offer innovative solutions to an issue that matters to them
  • Participants are guided and supported by professors and other individuals with doctorate degrees, and will in turn, become experts in the issue and domain they are addressing in their theses
  • Working on a specific topic for several years allows participants to become international experts in the said matter

GDBA participants acquire knowledge, but also on a more personal point of view, pride and personal recognition.  Michel Phan explains that “first and foremost, program participants are looking for competences. My objective is to do our best to help develop such talents.  In the future, participants will in turn be able to share their knowledge and supervise theses. It is important that they pass on their message, their knowledge and passion.”

For more than 10 years now, emlyon business school has chosen to trust in Michel Phan and his competences. The quality of his achievements will certainly allow the Global Doctorate of Business Administration  to fully bloom.


Right from the start, a close follow-up with a professor is implemented for each participant. This work and analysis method allows for enhanced quality in theses. Transverse teaching between the Durham University and emlyon business school, and the various methods both schools use, allow to broaden the field of competences.