Managers, train online and become "early makers"

03 APRIL 2019

Today's economic environment requires different, agile and inspiring manager profiles. Their tasks go beyond the mere application of the guidelines from the summit. They become leaders looking for the slightest opportunity to seize to progress individually and collectively. More than ever, their legitimacy is built in their actions.


Who are the "early makers" managers?

Whether you are a woman or a man of listening, all situations are rich in information for them. They go beyond appearances to the deep meaning of things. They know how to exploit weak signals by pulling the strings until the solution emerges. These faculties give them the ability to take a step ahead.

Their multiple skills give them a sharp analytical mind. They know how to connect subjects that seem unrelated at first glance to draw pragmatic conclusions. Conclusions that they transform into actions.

Early makers" managers are chameleons. Adaptable, they are able to draw on their vast expertise according to the topics covered. They constantly adjust their posture to take advantage of new deals shaped by the multiple disruptions.


Why train online?



You don't become an "early maker" overnight. A strong personal investment is necessary in order to acquire the necessary skills to obtain such a capacity for analysis and action. However, for many of us, it is often difficult to integrate long-term training into our professional careers.

The advantage of online training is that it allows everyone to organize themselves in their learning. It also has another virtue that makes sense with the "early maker" spirit: learning and doing simultaneously. Indeed, the constant back and forth between the acquisition of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills on the one hand and practical application on the other hand, facilitate the operational assimilation of concepts.

With this in mind, emlyon business school offers a course called PGM ONLINE. This course allows each manager to strengthen his technical and behavioural expertise to become an "early maker".

This program is available in certificates that can be purchased separately. It is therefore possible for you to work on targeted expertise according to your needs or to modulate at your own pace the acquisition of the different skills.



Early maker's Manager expertise


In addition to the skills required to lead a team, these manager profiles have skills in related fields of expertise, giving them a global approach to their daily situations. These areas include:

Corporate strategy

Managers are an integral part of strategic processes. They have the necessary field knowledge to help define a viable, concrete strategy that is connected to market realities. Early makers fully understand the business trajectory of their company. They are able to define an innovative strategy at the unit level that fits into the overall framework. Even better, they are the driving force behind the development of the company's business model.


The emlyon business school has integrated these skills into the certificate called "Business strategy and disruptions"

Customer relationship

More than ever, the customer is at the heart of the company. With social networks and other means of communication, he becomes more informed, more demanding. Early makers quickly understood the importance of customer relations. They have more than just a marketing fibre, they have real skills to implement at their level all the actions necessary for an optimal customer experience. They are aware that they play a key role in customer processes. All interactions between the company and its customers are opportunities to bring even more added value. Once again, managers are in the front line to meet expressed or latent needs. Differentiation is often played out at this level, on those details that, very often, only the most attentive managers can detect in the middle of the ambient noise.

Customer opportunities are developed in the online certificate "Experience and customer relationship".

Digital transformation

Digital technology is revolutionizing organizations. This is a proven fact. It is no longer possible to ignore this profound trend at the risk of getting out of its markets. First, the way organizations operate must be rethought for a more collaborative mode. The manager is in the front line to instill these new principles and support his teams in this change. The "early maker" grasps all the potential offered by a more open, more participative functioning to make his service or unit ever more efficient. A performance that is based on increased agility, a real ability to successfully apprehend new situations. In addition, it measures the challenges of Big Data and the concrete applications it can draw from it in its field of action. He is an actor and a driving force in defining and deploying new tools offered by digital technology to help his team excel.

Skills to be developed through the online certificate  "Digital Transformation".

Human capital management

People are at the heart of the manager's job. The "early maker" devotes most of his time to his team. He has fully integrated how much the well-being and involvement of his employees are key success factors. He actively and fully uses the HR tools at his disposal, such as the annual appraisal interviews, to pull up each member of his team. At the same time, it develops collective intelligence to capitalize on the skills of each individual in the service of common objectives.

To strengthen your expertise in this field, find the online certificate "Human capital management".



The General Online Management Program in 5 points:


  • The profile of the participants: the programme is adapted to people with limited time in person or with very variable periods of activity.
  • Duration: The course represents 326 hours of training, including the skills to be developed, the Early Maker Project and the Master Class. These 326 hours can be completed over a flexible period according to your needs, from 8 months to 3 years. You define your own rhythm.
  • The calendar of sessions: several entries are proposed to adapt to all needs.
  • A Bac+2 level of study (or Bac with a Validation of Professional Acquis) and a minimum of 5 years of professional experience are required to apply for the PGM online.

How to apply: contact our Training Advisors, who will assist you in your application process.


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Article written in collaboration with Manager GO! by Raphaële Granger