Maker's Bridge: Test your entrepreneurial streak!

10 APRIL 2017

On Tuesday, May 16, opens the first module of the Maker's Bridge project organized in the Paris campus. Have you always wanted to launch your own start-up? You will be interested in one of the entrepreneurial modules available to the participants of the Executive MBA at Emlyon Business School?

Take advantage of this event to familiarize yourself with the start-up universe and take your first contacts.



What is the Maker's Bridge?

  • One track including 10 workshops
  • 3 pitches
  • 3 months

3 types of guest

  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Experts
  • Business Angels / investors


Launch of the first module Kickoff and ideation

On Tuesday, May 16, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm, Michel Coster, director of incubator Emlyon, will moderate the first module on the theme of "Kick-off and Ideation". If "validated learning", "iterative design" and "lean canvas" mean anything to you, it is high time for you to learn more about this concepts.




#2 Bootcamp Idéation

May 30th - 12h30 / 17h00 ‐ Alain Aussage

#3 Business Model

June 15th - 12h30 / 17h00 ‐ Raphaël Gires

#4 Business Model

June 26th - 12h30 / 17h00 ‐ Raphaël Gires

#5 Business Plan

July 10th - 12h00 / 17h00 ‐ Michel Coster