Executive MBA : How To Apply ?

16 JULY 2015


The evolution of the first part of the executive officers’ career barely provokes questioning. But with the years, the experience and professional change. The career slows down.  The field of perspectives shrink. Who takes a step back to write about his working life for the next 10 or 20 years?

Yet, there are pivotal moments to recognize. “After my children leaving, I went back to work with the same motivation and vitality as in my early stages. But I did not have a definite project anymore; I started to look for my peak” testifies Julie.

It is a question that must be asked. “I work since 20 years; I have a little more than 20 years left in the active life. What should I do with the time left so that I enjoy my career-end as much as the first part?” asks Thomas.

There are recurring observations, which we have to stop in order to avoid psychosocial risks: “I am bored”, “I don’t learn anymore” or “I can no longer bear”.  

These three cases precisely reflect the situations, where EMBA is an indication. Because an EMBA has first and foremost a useful function, it is a career accelerator. To give the maximum of its power, the EMBA must come at the right time.

Some may wish to do an EMBA for a long time. Some may admire the evolution of a collaborator or of a friend. Surely, an EMBA is the key to success, a desired degree. However, even though the academic recognition is useful, it is not a sufficient drive. Building an EMBA case is a true project that necessitates an answer to a proven professional need.

If the MBA truly corresponds to an imperative, the professional project will adapt to the EMBA. The personal resources will be easily mobilized. And the business plan will make sense. When the project is designed together with the company, the latter commits. Even if the EMBA format arises from these 3 cases. A career repositioning often goes with a 10-months EMBA. “We make our service power available to our full time EMBA, who go back with a degree and a true professional opening” outlines Pascale Berthier, head of EMLYON EMBA.