DBA degrees are on the rise, are you considering applying?

27 JANUARY 2022

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Are you considering embarking on a life-changing learning experience through earning your Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)? You are not alone. According to recent statistics, there has been a steady increase in the desire of professionals to obtain this advanced degree. But what is a DBA exactly? And what benefits does it bring?

First and foremost, it important to understand that a DBA is not a Phd. Fundamentally, a DBA is a professional doctorate with a focus on theoretical knowledge and its use in business, therefore pursed mainly by business professionals who wish to become experts and grow as leaders in the field. A PhD, however, is a research degree for those looking to pursue a career in academia, or who want to contribute to the research behind a theory.


The Durham-emlyon Global DBA (GDBA) is co-directed by two of Europe’s leading business schools, emlyon business school in France and Durham University Business School in the UK. Doctoral candidates in this programme receive the highest levels of education, outstanding mentorship from 2 faculty thesis advisors, and a truly international experience. The programme is designed to last between 4-6 years to provide flexibility for your professional and personal lives. The first two years are learning-based where you will participate in modules around the world, and the remaining years are dedicated to the production and then defense of your doctoral thesis.

The “Global” element of the programme is felt everywhere as students are immersed in an international environment learning with and from people from around the world as well as in international locations.  Without question, having a culturally aware and globally-open mindset gives our graduates a competitive advantage and primes them for success, regardless of their sector of work. Being exposed to different ways of thinking, challenging your point of view, and opening yourself up to learning from others is the ultimate form of growth and why you will successfully impact the world after you complete this degree.

DBAs are appealing to professionals for a multitude of reasons:

  • They’re perfect for lifelong learners seeking further intellectual challenges
  • They aid those with high career aspirations seeking to significantly grow their leadership ability
  • They enable you to become an expert in a certain field and advance your business knowledge
  • And the Durham-emlyon GDBA provides the opportunity to grow your professional network on a global scale, which could open doors you never knew possible.

Finding a DBA programme that matches your personal and professional ambitions is extremely important. Being a research-intensive degree, you must also choose a thesis topic that excites and emboldens you to push your boundaries and grow. The Durham-emlyon GDBA is designed to be flexible to accommodate your personal and professional lives, but on average participants spend between 4-6 years in the programme. From a structural design, the first two years are concentrated on 5 different modules that are accomplished in countries around the world, and the remaining years are dedicated solely to the production of the doctoral thesis. This programme is extremely unique from its competitors in that it provides students with 2 faculty thesis advisors, one from each school, to provide extra support, direction, and perspectives.

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