10 months for an executive MBA and a unique experience in France and Europe

10 JULY 2020

Professionals often consider an MBA to be the ultimate degree. The term “MBA” was also the most searched for postgraduate degree in the United States on Google from July 2018 to July 2019.
Beyond the degree itself, professionals are increasingly looking for an experience which shakes up their routine and enables them to learn about other cultures. A growing number want to study abroad for their MBA: an opportunity to meet, discuss with and learn from other people from different countries and cultures, to step outside of their comfort zone and to explore another country. Studying abroad for an MBA offers much more than a degree: it provides a unique experience, at a key moment in students’ careers.

10 months to complete an MBA

Very few people are aware that some business schools offer a "fast-track" MBA, with a full-time program in less than a year. emlyon business school offers just that: a ten-month Executive MBA degree on both its campuses in Lyon and Paris.

But what is the main advantage of this system? It’s an excellent opportunity to focus on learning and completing an MBA. Students who alternate working and studying often find it difficult to manage this changing rhythm: many participants have a high level of responsibility within their company, which can affect the pace of their studies. Staying focused on your MBA for 10 months is a very good way to devote yourself entirely to your studies while taking stock of the first part of your career!

“emlyon business school provides a unique opportunity to complete an Executive MBA in ten months. This enabled me to take a break from my career and to concentrate on my MBA. I strongly believe that emlyon’s Executive MBA fast-track option is a catalyst for career growth”, says Syam Unnikrishnan, a mechanical engineer from India.

An MBA? Yes, but abroad!

Studying abroad for an Executive MBA has a particular advantage: the chance to work with professionals from a wide range of industries, cultures and countries. This incredible wealth of experience goes beyond developing a network, as Syam puts it so well: “The diversity of participant profiles was excellent and it made teamwork very interesting. After spending ten intensive months with experienced professionals, you are well prepared to deal with the wide-ranging cultural challenges you will encounter during your career,” Syam says.

Studying abroad for an MBA offers a learning experience in another country or continent, helping professionals to step outside their comfort zone. Students are fully immersed in a new culture, enhancing their ability to understand and to adapt to a new environment; these skills are particularly valuable in the workplace.

Lyon or Paris to explore and experience France and Europe

Are you interested in the opportunity to complete an MBA in 10 months? You just need to choose which country and city to study in! 

At the heart of Europe and well-connected to the world’s major capital cities, France is an ideal place in which to learn about new cultures while enjoying the traditional French way of life. Of course, Paris offers its visitors a chance to enjoy fantastic city living every day. If you like strolling down the streets as you marvel at architecture, exploring museums and parks and enjoying incredible culture, the Paris campus is an excellent option. “Paris is a very dynamic and vibrant city. It has an incredible history in terms of culture, food, fashion, art and so much more. There are plenty of places to explore, from museums to parks, and its opportunities for learning are infinite. People from all walks of life come together to share their interests and ideas and to build a community. It reminds me a lot of New York, which is where I’m from. I love living here,” says Melissa Cape, who spent 15 years working in the finance industry in New York.

But France is more than just Paris: the country is home to a wide range of landscapes, cultures and climates, just a few hours away from the capital. In the heart of the city, just moments from the Gare de Lyon station, which provides high-speed rail access to south-eastern France, the emlyon campus in Paris is the perfect base from which to explore other regions and to enjoy France’s incredible diversity.

Similarly, students who choose to study for their MBA on the Lyon campus can explore the surrounding region by road and by train: the Alps offer a wide range of winter sports just 1 hour from Lyon, while the Mediterranean’s sunny climate is just 2 hours from Lyon by high-speed train. Living in Lyon offers endless possibilities when it comes to experiencing and enjoying French culture. Lyon is a large and well-connected city with a laid-back feel and plenty of culture. This city is an economic powerhouse and is particularly popular with tourists; it’s renowned for its gourmet food and is home to innumerable restaurants and bouchons, which serve traditional Lyonnaise cuisine.

In Lyon or Paris, the fast-track Executive MBA is a unique opportunity to reflect on your career, to learn new skills, to broaden your knowledge of different cultures and to enjoy an experience which will transform your working life.