Innovation For Growth

Innovation For Growth Programme: Experience start-up innovation 

A unique Action Learning programme to increase the impact of your innovation investments and to revitalise your employees



 Pedagogical principles

The programme is based on 4 principles:

Decentring involves removing participants from their work environment by means of immersion  in  technological  start‐ups. Participants experience an environment  which is rich in enthusiasm but typically lacking in resources – frugal innovation.

Action:  within  each  start‐up  the  participants  are  responsible  for  a  project  which  they must  successfully  complete:  for  example,  it  could  involve  developing  a  prototype, marketing a new product or finding the means to win over a new market.

Reflexivity:  alternating  with  days  spent  in  the  start‐ups,  participants  meet  to  ask  questions,  discuss  and  work  with  the  emlyon  instructors  and  researchers  who  will help them to make the most of their experience. Reflection comprises two main points: managerial practices and business development.

Collaborative work: throughout the programme, the group develops a collective commitment proposal. The group presents the proposal to the business' management.



Benefits of the programme for your business

Employees are given a boost to help you transform your business

  • Through their contact with the start-ups, employees experience frugal innovation, promoting idea sharing at the heart of your business
  • This programme is a source of energy and dynamism and allows your employees to find new sources of for motivation and commitment at work
  • After this experience, the employees give group advice to the members of the business' Management Committee


  An example of programme 


The following programme structure can be adjusted depending on each business' needs.

A support process with an immersion phase in a start-up.

  • 3 seminars dedicated to the issue of innovation and change, and working on the associated human aspects:
    A three-day introductory module to create links within the class and to prepare teams for their immersion into the business (interaction protocol with the start-ups and contributions to the way innovation is addressed)
    Two day-long recesses to share start-up experiences and add targeted contributions in terms of team dynamics and human mobilisation
  • 6-month immersion in a start-up; equivalent of 10 days dedicated to the project per participant
  • A closure module with to 2 half-days to prepare and present the project to members of the Management Committee

Bouygues Telecom executives have already tried out this programme. 

Programme run in partnership with the emlyon business school incubator and businesses specialising in the increase of technology transfer (SATT).