Experiencing innovative instructional techniques

Innovation and entrepreneurship at the service of companies and individuals 


Following emlyon business school's tradition of excellence in teaching, as well as in direct connection with the reality of the company, we design and implement innovative instructional techniques.

These innovative instructional methods (LearningLab, Business Games, MOOC, Action Learning, etc.) encourage the transfer of knowledge and the concrete application of the skills and behaviours learned, thereby contributing to the individual's performance in his or her work environment.

The creation of a new ecosystem for learning, the "Smarter Business School" developed in partnership with IBM, facilitates the implementation and the organisation of these new teaching methods, by creating a global and digital learning environment that fosters the creativity of students and professors.

The goal is to offer a personalised training system that meets the specific requirements of each student.

Drawing on interactive, mobile and collaborative technology, the Smarter Business School is always ready to react and adapt to changes in the needs and requirements of each student and each company.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab, designed as part of the partnership with the Ecole Centrale Lyon,is a forum for fostering exchange and innovation at the service of performance and of the impact of our training sessions, both on the individual and on the company.

The Lab serves as a true factory which:

  • invents and produces tools which are concrete, appealing and unique, and tools for detecting needs.
  • upon request from instructors, offers advice about the content of their presentations
  • defines certain methods applicable to the various programmes and develops the effectiveness of these methods

A second Learning Lab is located at the emlyon business school premises. This facility give access to the latest digital tools for fostering hands-on, intelligent learning, and encouraging interaction and teamwork within each programme (touch screens, write-on walls, acoustic panels, removable furniture, etc.).




Business games

we have created and draw on a full range of instructional games, developed to address the most important issues and challenges facing companies today.


Business games: Games... in all seriousness!

Drawing on the techniques of navigation, gap identification and simulation, these one-of-a-kind games make it easier to understand a problem, encourage deeper analysis, open up the range of possibilities, and think of solutions that could be implemented rapidly and efficiently. Recognised for their effectiveness, all these games are available in French and English.


For the last 2 years, emlyon business school has offered MOOCs (massive open online courses), a new instructional tool open to all and at no cost, where knowledge is shared among participants on the principle of interaction.

Currently, two MOOCs are available:

  • The first addresses a bold entrepreneurial strategy: effectuation. This strategy is based on observing entrepreneurship in the field, and supports the idea of entrepreneurship accessible to all. It was devised by Philippe Silberzahn, a Professor at EMLYON and the author of "L'Effectuation : les principes de l'action entrepreneuriale" ("Effectuation: the Principles of Entrepreneurial Action"), the first Ebook to introduce the topic in French. This MOOC has been held three times already.
  • The second, "Devenir entrepreneur de l’innovation par le design thinking" ("Becoming an Innovation Entrepreneur through Design Thinking"), created by the École Centrale de Lyon and emlyon business school, is based on the action learning method of the I.D.E.A. (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts) Programme. It is led by a multi-disciplinary team made up of four experts from two schools and who specialise in design, innovation and entrepreneurship.