We offer tailor-made multimodal educational solutions. We work with our clients to define training objectives, in line with the context and the company's strategic themes via a process of relationship building and co-creation. 

Our tailor-made solutions

The programmes that we draw up for and alongside our clients are based on our recognised expertise in Action Learning and on the development of innovative learning methods. Our team might create new solutions, new tools, or use new levers... specifically for you.

We support our clients before, during and after the programme in accordance with the following process:


We analyse your company, its context and needs, in order to design the most appropriate solutions for skill development. Our approach aims to identify and make use of the levers that are revealed as the most important for disseminating and expressing the key points of your strategy.

To ensure that its solutions are effective, we have developed tools for measuring the effects and results generated after the training sessions. We use several measurement methods: on-the-spot evaluation of knowledge gained, skills assessment, continuing plan for development, satisfaction and loyalty surveys, steering plan, etc.

Our programmes are conducted in several formats: in person at emlyon business school's campuses as well as other locations in France and abroad, remotely or as blended learning.The balance between theoretical knowledge and applied knowledge must be carefully adjusted. 



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Testimonials from participants


claudine rigal

Claudine Rigal, Deputy Managing Director, CERBA European Lab’ (Biomanagers programme,  2013/2014 class)

« The programme was a perfect match for our environment. The method with case studies, role playing, team building, etc., and above all the procedure for the theme project was appealing and more beneficial than "traditional" training. Coaching after each week of training also helped us take stock and implement what we had learned relatively quickly.»


alix porteu

Alix Porteu de la MorandièreMarket Intelligence Manager, Aldes Group (B-International programme, 2014 class)

« I felt that the organisers listened to each participant, knew how to adapt to meet each student's expectations, career and culture. For me, a course like this was a genuine breath of fresh air that helped me step back and assess my role from a new perspective.»


stéphane Gidenne

Stéphane Gidenne, Deputy Director, CERBA European Lab’ Luxembourg (Biomanagers programme, 2013/2014 class)

«This programme had a significant impact on the way I work, on my behaviour and on the way I analyse problems and the various topics I cover in my work. It taught me to make much more "informed" decisions as now I have a better understanding of my company's challenges. It also taught me to communicate better and to adopt a more transversal approach. I think that this training session is a significant cultural change for those of us with a technical educational background...»

Our intra-company solutions

All our short programmes are available intra-company. They can be adapted to the needs of your organisation and serve as an additional resource, one that is highly flexible and easy to implement, for developing an employee's skills.

These programmes can be held at your company's premises, at another location or conducted as blended learning.

The General Management Programme (recognised diploma) as well as our certificates such as Managing an Activity are also available on an intra-company basis.

A team to support you


To be successful, a training mechanism must be as convenient as possible for our customers, participants and instructors so that each person can focus on the essentials.

For this reason, we pay particular attention to the activity of the project team: listening, adapting, being responsive, complying with deadlines and full communication.

To offer the best support, the project team is made up of several key "players":

The instruction manager (professor or instructor): Jointly responsible for the educational engineering of the mechanism, key interface with the team of instructors he or she leads, guaranteeing academic consistency for the entire mechanism and jointly responsible for the relevance of the approaches and the achievement of results

  • The project manager: Your primary contact for the entire project, your dedicated liaison for projects, changes and adjustments for projects, guaranteeing that the project runs smoothly from a management point of view: educational aspects, implementation, quality, logistical and financial follow-up
  • The project coordinator: Your operational contact, responsible for successfully implementing the project schedule and coordinating the educational team in partnership with you, coordinator for the logistical and financial aspects

At the same time, a team of experts primarily from the emlyon business schoofaculty with its113 permanent professors, is one of the central resources for designing and leading a training programme. A network of professionals (consultants, coaches, leaders, etc.) also participate in various disciplines.