Workspace and Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Come on a learning expedition with us!


New York
from June 23 to 29, 2019


workspaces - leadership - innovation culture



emlyon business school has been supporting companies for years in their managerial and digital transformations. Today, we are extending this expertise to workspaces, which we consider a key factor in ensuring a successful transformation.

We offer you a system created by emlyon business school professors and professionals to successfully transform your company:


Embark on an adventure in the US

A week spent in cities teeming with life, meeting the most innovative players when it comes to workspaces: Google, Harvard, MIT, Berklee College of Music, The Juilliard School, Pace, the MoMA, and more.



Find new sources of inspiration

Turn to art, music and design tounderstand the importance of the environment in your strategy for change.



Meet renowned players

Discover companies, startups, universities, coworking spaces and design institutes, fashioned to create new sources of performance, and interact with experts.


The purpose of this learning expedition is therefore to discover inspiring workspaces, whether they are designed for companies, schools, museums, etc. We want to understand the influence of workspaces on cognitive mechanisms (creativity, collaboration, concentration, motivation, etc.) and establish a community of experts around the subject. We also plan to meet with experts and organize creative workshops to discuss how to apply these methods to companies and ensure successful transformation.


We will be a team of about twenty people, including:

  • Middle and senior management: CEO, HR Director, Innovation Director, Chief Happiness Officer,...
  • Experts working the field: teacher-researchers, designers, architects...
  • emlyon staff: Innovation department, professors, students...


We will meet: Large companies, small companies, start-ups, schools, art institutes, coworking spaces, etc. 


How can our workspaces help you develop: 

  • creativity, inspiration, concentration, individual and collective productivity?
  • the arrangement: how to encourage employees to take an active role? 
  • reflexivity (the fact that someone is able to examine their emotions, reactions, motivations, and how this influences their actions and thoughts)?
  • individualisation (the way in which an individual distinguishes himself from others)? 

We will find the answers together!


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