Choosing your training programme

Functional or general programmes, from 20 to 25 days, EMLYON created a large training device adapted to your professional life rhythm

9 areas of expertise

  • Management & Human Resources                                                         

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  • Strategy & Governance
  • Finance & Management Control
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Purchases
  • Commercial development
  • Leadership & personal development
  • General Management
     for the programmes that cover several fields of competencies

A passport system between modular programmes

Most of the programmes are compose of 3-day modules. Some of the modules combination created by our engineers allow to deal with expanded problems, and lead to longer programme durations:

  • The tracks that last approximately 9 days
  • The certificates that last approximately 15 days

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A passport system was designed to allow you to cumulate credits and to access to the superior programme within a fixed period. The explanation Un système de passerelles a été conçu pour vous permettre de cumuler des crédits et d’accéder au programme supérieur dans un délai établi. Visual explanation:

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Passports validity duration

  • The credits acquired between a module and a track or a track and a certificate are valid during 2 years
  • The credits acquired between a certificate and a degree are valid during 3 years